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Solid Wood Soap Dish: Each dish is one solid piece of wood that has been cut in a manner that allows water to drain completely through the dish and away from your soap. The dish is naturally colored with no stains or preservatives to compete with the colors of your soaps. There is no glue used in the construction of this dish; this is one solid piece of wood.

Solid Wood Soap Dish, $2.49

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 Fancy Bath Pouf, $1.49

Fancy Bath Poufs: The Extra Fancy Pouf Sponges are fuller than many pouf sponges: a nice thick 5 inches in diameter. The Bath Poufs are made of extra soft nylon with hanging cord to make your soap lather up fast. Using a bath pouf massages the skin as it exfoliates. These make great fillers for gift sets and baskets. Regular price: $1.49 

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Mesh Bath Straps:  These are high quality Mesh Bath Straps: very plush and thick. The braided mesh strap scrubbers have grip cords on either end to stretch the braid and make quick work of those hard to reach spots (neck, back, feet) and can also be used to hang dry in the shower. Rinse thoroughly after use and just hang dry. The straps measure roughly 12 inches in length not counting the cords. Don't let the pricing fool you - this is a great item at an even greater value!  Assorted colors not necessarily as shown. Coloring may be different than pictured here. Solid White is NOT available.

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 Mesh Bath Straps, $3.59

Natural Fiber Soaping Sponge Pocket:  The simplicity of design and materials encompass the all natural and organic sensibility. This sweet little package of 4.5" x 4" is made of all natural fibers that have been interwoven to form a pocket and includes a removable sponge. Great for exfoliating. Multiple uses: Use it as a soaping sponge; remove the sponge and insert a soap for exfoliation and cleansing with continual suds; or use it as a soap saver - just put all the small leftover pieces of soap in the pocket and wash away. Individually packaged in a netted bag.
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Loofah Scrubber: A Natural way to Cleanse and Exfoliate: Loofah is a natural vegetable cleansing sponge that revitalizes the skin, and promotes exfoliation and circulation. When the sponge gets wet, it grows to 5x it's original size. With this beneficial sponge placed on a stick,  makes it easier to deeply scrub those hard to reach spots on your back. The rubber grip handle is also a nice feature that keeps the scrubber from slipping and makes it pleasant to use. The wooden handle has a string for hang drying. The entire stick and loofah base are made of hardwood that has been coated to prevent mold. The rubber grip handle is ocean blue in color and features a wave line design for a better grip. A silver oval plate attaches the grip to the wooden stick. The stick is also removable from the scrubber head by simply pulling them apart. The tapered design keeps it in place when in use. The Large Natural Loofah is about 5"x4" with a slight tapered cut and almost 1/2"  thick when dry, then expands to approximately 3.5 inches when wet. The entire scrubber is about 16.5" long. $4.95 Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Loofah Terry Body Buff:

Revitalize and exfoliate your skin with the natural loofah side.  Soothe and refresh your skin with the gentle terry side. Oval pad that measures 4 3/4 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches long and is packaged in a clear cell bag.  After use, simply rinse and hang to dry.

Loofah Terry Body Buff, $2.49 

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The Sisal Soap Saver is made completely from sisal fiber.This soap saver is terrific for stimulating circulation and exfoliating skin. Simply drop your soap in, pull the cords, and you are good to go.  The Sisal Soap Saver bag measures roughly 4 inches wide by 6 inches long, it comes neatly packaged in a clear cello bag.


Sisal Soap Saver, $3.29 

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Mesh Soap Saver: These are great mesh soap savers, will handle any soap and is a must to use up all those little leftover pieces of soap. When you first get the soap saver, it is in a very neat cylinder shape but it easily expands to accept a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Just slip your soaps in and close the top by pulling on the cord.  A great little spring loaded stopper will lock it shut.  The net mesh has a "crinkle" effect that is wonderful for exfoliating action, makes a great lather, and then simply hang to dry after finished using. Special - Buy 6 get 1 free!

Mesh Soap Saver, $2.29  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

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